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Setting up Connect Associations
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If you have one of our Connect modules, you will have a Connect tab on each Payer. This is where you can set associations that dictate how your clients are tied to content from your matter management software's database. This is also where you can set up Auto-Pay to run recurring postable payments for your clients.


  1. Edit a Payer and go to the Connect tab

  2. Go to Associations

  3. Click + to Add Association

  4. Use the dropdown in the Search By dropdown to set your search criteria

  5. Enter specific customers and set specific parameters for what you want them to be able to see. You can limit them to a specific Client Name, Matter Number, etc.

  6. Check the box(es) to select the result(s) you would like to use

  7. Click the Create Association button

  8. Repeat this process until all necessary restrictions have been set


Once you have set associations for a Payer, you can set up Auto-Pays. The look and feel is very similar to Payment Schedules but the schedule is tied to your matter management software so you can pay off particular invoices and post those payments.

  1. Go down to the Auto-Pays section.

  2. Click + to Add Auto-Pay.

  3. Choose a payment method from the list of the Payer's saved payment methods.

  4. Create a name for the schedule.

  5. Select which bank account should be debited for each payment.

  6. Customize the A/R message (optional).

  7. Choose the frequency.

  8. Set the date of the first payment/query.

  9. Choose whether you want the system to pay off all outstanding invoices each time the schedule runs or whether you only want to pay up to a certain amount each time the schedule runs.

  10. Click Save and Manage Enrollments

  11. Review the list of criteria and check the box next to the association(s) that should be enrolled in this schedule.

  12. Click Enroll and Save to save your enrollments.

  13. Click Save to save the schedule.

Invoices are paid oldest to newest up until the specified amount is met.. Amount paid per invoice is determined by querying for the outstanding balance of each invoice under the enrolled associations and subtracting any posting payment records amounts. You accept responsibility for ensuring the accurate balances in the connected environment.

If you set associations at the client or matter level, the schedule will continue to run for up to one year unless the schedule is turned off. If new invoices to a connected client or matter, they will automatically be slot them in for payment in their proper order. If an association is set to a particular invoice number, this is more of a payment plan. The schedule will stop as soon as that invoice is paid off.

All Auto-Pays generate posting records that can be managed in the Manage Postings section of your Connect module.

If you are using the Auto-Pay feature, it is highly recommended that you add "Error-Failed AutoPay" to your list of notifications.

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