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Troubleshooting Connection Errors
Updated over a week ago

If you experiencing connection errors, here are some things to look at first.

  • Is your IT department doing any maintenance on your systems right now?

  • Are any other services in your firm experiencing connection issues?

  • Did you change your IP address?

  • Did you move or rename your server?

  • Do you limit the IP range for incoming communication with your server and, if so, have you verified you are limiting the correct range?

  • Did you recently upgrade to a new version of ProLaw or Elite?

  • What is the resource situation on the server the ClientPay web service is installed on? Intermittent errors can be caused by low available RAM (less than 5% available no matter what the total is) and lack of disk space.

If you have questions or need assistance, please email [email protected].

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