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Increase Security with Multi-Factor Authentication
Updated over a week ago

Make your payment processes even more secure by enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) within your settings.

MFA requires two pieces of evidence to prove their identity in order to access the software. When this feature is enabled, your login and password is the first piece of evidence. Then, ClientPay will send an email to the user with a one-time six digit code to complete the login process.

This added layer of security is optional and can be enabled in just minutes.

  1. Log into ClientPay.

  2. Go to Settings in the left navigation bar.
    โ€‹Note: You must be an Admin to access the Settings area of the software.

  3. Go to the Security tab.

    • Users: Switch to On to require MFA for all users at your firm.

    • Users MFA Duration: Select the number of hours (0-24) the device will remain authenticated. Select 0 to require a new code for every login.

    • Payer Portal Payers: Switch to On to require MFA for all of your clients. Once enabled, it is possible to turn MFA off for individual payers.

  • Click Save to apply and save your settings.

It is important to note that authentication is based on the user's IP address. This means that if you change locations, you will automatically be required to enter a new code at the next login even if the original authentication session has not expired.

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