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Creating Payers
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Payers is a place for you to store your customer’s payment data as well as payment history. A Payer can have multiple stored payment methods as well as multiple Payment Schedules.

You can enter new records under the Payers section in the left navigation bar and there is a Save As Payer checkbox on the Enter Payments screen.

Create A Payer

  1. Go to Payers in the left navigation bar.

  2. Click the Add Payer button to Create a New Payer.

  3. Complete as much information as you can (fields highlighted in yellow are required).

    • First Name and Last Name should be what appears on the actual card.

    • Payer name can be either the cardholder name or the business name but this is where you specify what name you want to use for the record.

    • Email address is used for emailing receipts and for Payer Portal access if you offer it

    • The address on the Payer Information tab may be different than the billing address used for payments. Postal Code has a lookup feature so entering the 5-digit zip code will automatically populate the City and State.

  • Click Save or Save and Add Payment Method to continue.

Once you click save, other tabs such as Payment Methods, Payment Schedule, Invoices, Associations and Payment History will appear so you can complete the payer's profile.

Save Payer

You can choose to create a payer record as you are processing the first payment for a customer.

  1. Go to Enter Payments.

  2. Complete the required fields to process a payment.

  3. Check the box next to Save As Payer that is located in the Billing Address section of the Enter Payments screen.

  4. Click Submit to process the payment.

The View Payer button on the Payment Approved screen will take you directly to that payer's new record in the Payers section. The payment method used to process the payment is automatically saved for future use and the payment you processed will appear in Payment History.

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