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Viewing a Payer's Payment History
Updated over a week ago

Once inside a Payer record, Payment History is the last tab on the far right side of the screen.

  • Use the Search box to locate a specific payment.

  • Use the date range boxes to view all payments within a specified time frame.

  • Use the Show all payment history button on the right to remove all restrictions and show all payments tied to the payer*.

The payer's payment history begins with the first payment processed from the payer record.

*If you created the payer from an existing transactions, all future payments will appear under the Payment History tab but previous transactions for the same account do not pull in.

In regards to how this affects transactions in the Payment Manager, any future payments processed from the payer record will have a Go To Payer link in the upper right corner of the Payment Details screen to take you to that payer. Any previous payments (including the one you used to create the payer are still not tied to the payer record. If you click the Payment Details, the link in the upper right corner will still say Create Payer. If you click the link again, you will create a duplicate payer record.

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