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Setting up online access for Payers
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If you would like to give a client online access to ClientPay, the setup is quick and simple. Please keep in mind that payers can only use the Pay Invoices feature of the Payer Portal for invoices originated through the internal invoicing module or managed via one of our Connect modules. Without one of these integrations, payers are only able to update wallets and view transaction history.

Inviting new users

First, pull up the details for their Payer record.

On the first Payer Information tab, there is a on/off toggle to the right of their email address for Login Access.


Click Confirm.

Then click Save.

Please be patient as there may be a slight delay. Each click of the confirm button will send another email to your client.

A pop up message will appear at the top of your screen as soon as the welcome email has been successfully sent to your client. The welcome email provides the login URL ( and walks them though creating a custom password.

Once access has been granted. you can use the red delete button or the blue password reset button on the Payer Details page to manage users.


πŸ“Œ Note: Although the system does not prevent you from editing the email address on this screen, login access will not work properly if you change the email address. If your client changes their email address, it is best to delete their old address and add the new one.

Associate Invoices

If you are utilizing one of our Connect modules, you will have an Associations tab on the Payer Details screen to specify what the payer can see.

  1. Click the add button to get started.

  2. You can search by Client Name, Client Number, Matter Number, Matter Description or Invoice Number.

  3. Use column filters if necessary to further narrow your search.

  4. Select the items you wish to associate with this payer to determine what they will be able to see in their online access.

  5. Click the Create Association button.

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