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Payment Manager | Payment Search
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Payment Manager is our reporting engine. The Payment Search tab allows you to quickly locate certain payments that have been processed through our system. Simply tell the system what you want to see and it will return the requested results. This can be done through general searches of the entire database or more advanced searches relating to a specific payment field.

Quick Search, located in the upper left corner of the Search Payment screen, is the fastest way to pull up transactions that match one particular criteria. Simply enter a Cardholder name, amount or ID and click Search to instantly display results.


Date Range in the upper right corner is a collection of pre-made transaction reports that allow you to quickly view all approved transactions for a preset time period. The following time periods are available: Today, Yesterday, Past 7 Days, Month to Date and Year to Date.


If the dates you are not looking for do not fit into any of these ranges, you will need to perform a custom search under Advanced Search.

Please keep in mind that the pre-made reports only display approved transactions. Declines and errors will not appear in the results grid. If you are trying to find out why a payment attempt was not approved, use Advanced Search (see below) to locate the transaction.

Advanced Search gives you the ability to make your searches more powerful by only pulling back the information you need to see. Unlike the pre-made reports, results show all transaction activity (including declines and errors), unless you specify a particular status. Use the dropdown boxes to select the fields you would like to search and what data you would like to match within that field. Click the Add button to add more fields.


Note: Only check the box next to "Show me transactions that meet ANY of the parameters below" if you would like to return results that match any of the conditions listed. If the results must qualify for all conditions, do not check the box.

Tips for using the Search Results Grid:

  • Search parameters are hidden once the search results grid appears. If you need to change your search criteria, click the arrow to the right of Show Search Parameters at the top of the page.

  • Column Configurator - Click the icon in the upper right corner of the search results grid to select what information you see on screen.

  • Rearrange Columns - Drag a column to a new position and release the mouse to drop.

  • Sort Columns - Click the triangle to the right of the column header to sort the entire results set in ascending or descending order.

  • Filter Columns - Click the filter icon to the right of the column header to further refine the results that display on screen.

  • Export Results - All exports are in Excel format. Full Export is a raw data export of all transactional information in the software for your search results. Export Current Columns will only export columns in your current view.

The column configurator settings are user level customizations. Once you have selected and arranged your columns, the current view will become your default view that you will see each time you log into ClientPay.

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