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SurePoint Integration Instructions
Updated over a week ago

The SurePoint Legal Management System (LMS) and firm settings requires CSR setup assistance in order to complete the integration to ClientPay. You will be asked to provide an Account Key and an Account PIN. This information can be found in your ClientPay portal. You must have admin privileges to access Settings.

  1. Log into ClientPay

  2. Go to Settings > General (Note: You must be an Admin to access this area)

  3. Go to the API Integration Information section in the middle of the page

  4. Locate the Integration Point Name SurePoint

  5. Key = Account Key mentioned above

  6. Pin = Account PIN mentioned above

  7. We recommend copying and pasting for accuracy

You will also need to grant access to credit card processing for the desired profile(s).

  1. Open LMSV Security Profiles.

  2. Select a profile in the dropdown box.

  3. Go to Access Rights.

  4. Locate Credit Card Processing under the LMS+ section

  5. Set the dropdown box to Yes.

  6. Repeat this process for each desired profile.

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