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Best Practices: Managing Users
Updated over a week ago

If you are looking to boost your internal security plan, a great way to start is by looking at who has access to what.

Administrators have full access to the site but some of users may only need to perform certain tasks. Giving them limited access helps meet your security goals to protect your firm against unauthorized activity. For example, you can select only certain functions such as the ability to add payments and search transactions but not permit the ability to process refunds.

Do not allow employees to share login names and do not allow others to use your login credentials. ClientPay comes with unlimited users so go ahead and give each person using the software their own individual access. This maintains the integrity of the data as many actions in the system are stamped with a username.

Delete users who are no longer with the firm to prevent any security breaches after termination.

Properly implemented and maintained, these controls are an effective approach to limiting vulnerabilities and establishing operational security.

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