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What is Recaptcha?
Updated over a week ago

Recaptcha is an optional widget you can enable at the bottom your client-facing online payment forms in ClientPay. Your client must click the box next to I'm not a robot in order to click the Process Payment button.


Some other versions require the user to type in the letters of a distorted image with twisty, blurred letters and digits or solve a challenge by looking at a series of photos for common features. Our version is just as tough but very simple and user-friendly for your clients.

How does it work?

There are some words that can be read by humans but cannot be read by computers. Similarly, the way a human moves the mouse before checking a checkbox is very different from how a program or script selects a checkbox. Recaptcha relies on pattern movements, algorithms and user engagement to tell humans from bots, which keeps automated software from taking over your payment pages.

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