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Saved Payment Methods
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The Payment Methods tab of a Payer record is where you can save payment methods for use within ClientPay. There is no limit to the number of cards or bank accounts that can be stored. With stored payment methods, your client can simply tell you to charge their card ending in XXXX or, if they have Payer Portal access, they can use a saved payment method when making a payment.

To add or edit payment methods:

  1. Go to Payers in the left navigation bar.

  2. Locate the Payer and click the pen icon to edit.

  3. Go to the Payment Methods tab.

Request from Payer

  1. Click the Request from Payer link.

  2. The email address field will automatically populate with the email address(es) on file for the payer.

  3. If you would like to change the default language provided in the message, you can make changes in the Custom Message text box. This will only change the text for this payer's message. (The default message is changed in Settings).

  4. Click Request.

Your customer will receive an email asking them to click a link to securely add a payment method. The link takes them to a page that displays their current saved payment methods. They can add, remove or update any payment method. For the cardholder's security, full card and/or bank account information is encrypted. The name, expiration date or billing address can but updated but account numbers cannot be changed. If an account number changes, the customer needs to remove that payment method and add a new one.

Add Cards

  1. Click the Add Method button.

  2. Enter as much information as you can.

    • The address is the billing address for the payment method.

    • The street address and zip code are required in order for you to get the best processing rate.

    • Postal Code has a lookup feature so entering the 5-digit zip code will automatically populate the City and State.

    • PCI Standards prohibit storing the CVV code, which is the 3-digit security code on the back of the card. The code is not required and will not affect your rate.

  • Click the Save or Save and Make Primary button.

Edit Saved Cards

You may edit the cardholder name, expiration date and/or billing address. For security reasons, you may not unlock and view full card numbers to edit. If the card number has changed, you will need to delete the previous card and add the new number as a new payment method.

  1. Locate the card that needs updating.

  2. Click the pen icon to edit.

  3. Make the necessary changes.

  4. Click Save to save your changes.

Remove Cards

  1. Go to the Payment Methods tab.

  2. Locate the card that needs to be removed.

  3. Click the red button to delete.

  4. Click the red Delete Method button to confirm.

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