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ClientPay security overview
Updated over a week ago

ClientPay is responsible for the security of the cardholder data that our virtual terminal possesses and transmits. ClientPay’s online portal is certified as a Level 1 Service Provider, this being the highest security level available. We have several levels of security built into the system for our merchants.

Here are some of the responsibilities of ClientPay:

  • Cryptography and Encryption of sensitive information inside payment system

  • Quarterly scans of payment system performed by Qualified Security Assessor

  • Annual Audit performed by Qualified Security Assessor

  • Completion of Level 1 PCI Compliance Assessment

  • Encryption of card details, preventing card information from being exposed once transaction is complete

  • Secure receipts exposing only last 4 digits of card number

  • Enforcing security-code confirmation every 30 days for merchant log-ins

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