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How does an international client enter their address?
Updated over a week ago

Our address verification system only uses the street address and zip code (or country code) in order to verify the credit card billing address to the cardholder but certain forms within the software may require a city and/or state in order to complete a payment. If that is the case and your client's address is outside of the United States, you can advise them to select any state from the dropdown menu in order to complete the payment.

As a reminder, you cannot remove the city and state fields from your Payment Pages but you can edit those fields to mark them as optional instead of required so skipping them at checkout does not prevent a payment.

  1. Go to Payment Pages in the left navigation bar

  2. Click Edit next to the page you need to modify

  3. Go to Default Fields in the upper right corner

  4. Change City to Optional

  5. Change State to Optional

  6. Click Save at the bottom to save your changes

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