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Using Multiple Bank Accounts
Updated over a week ago

We have the ability to set up dual ACH funding, which means you can attach two bank accounts to one merchant account. This is particularly useful for trust payments that need to deposit into a trust bank account without debiting the trust bank account for monthly fees.

The default setup is to send all deposits to the primary bank account and send all debits to the secondary bank account but the specific debit usages you can customize are: discount fees, transaction fees, customer refunds and chargebacks. Some firms prefer to debit the primary account for refunds and/or chargebacks as these debits are related to the client's payment activity.

It is important to note that any activity outside of the normal funding process is considered to be an exception so it defaults to the primary bank account. For example, if the debit to the secondary bank account for monthly fees is returned, funds are withheld from deposits to the primary bank account until the outstanding balance has been collected.

For more information about adding a new bank account to be used for billing fees, please reach out to ClientPay Support at [email protected].

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